Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR)

P-DTR® is a product of the original thought and investigations of orthopedic surgeon Dr. José Palomar, M.D. This work recognizes that sensory receptors (such as those for pain, stretch, touch, pressure, hot, cold, etc.) located in the skin, ligaments, muscles and fascia play an important role in pain and dysfunction. How the way the body processes the information from these receptors, is paramount in determining neuromuscular responses throughout the entire body. Motor function is not just determined by the motor system, but rather is modified by the information received from these receptors. Using a comprehensive system of muscle testing and neural challenges, involved receptors can be located and normal function can be quickly restored.

P-DTR® is used to assess these various sensory receptors of the body and the way they affect and modify our movement patterns. These receptors (those for pain, stretch, pressure, hot, cold, vibration, etc.) all send information to the brain for processing and the brain takes this feedback into account when making decisions regarding our movement. If this information is incorrect, as is often the case, the brain is making its decisions based on bad information. Pain and dysfunction frequently result. P-DTR® uses neural challenges specific to the involved receptors and muscle tests combined with proper stimulation of the deep tendon reflex to make immediate and lasting advances toward restored function.

P-DTR is the most comprehensive and effective technique I’ve come across in my career for dealing with these “software” issues. The work is rapid, tremendously effective and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


Some of the benefits of P-DTR include:
  • Treats the problem, not the symptoms
  • Accelerates recovery from acute injuries
  • Eliminates lingering dysfunction and pain from chronic injuries
  • Eliminates the debilitating effects of repetitive stress
  • Optimizes athletic performance
  • Restores muscle function and coordination quickly
  • Increases range of motion, strength and stamina
  • Achieves quick, long-lasting results
  • Maximizes stability and balance throughout the entire body
  • Resolves problems you thought you’d “just have to live with”