What is RockTape?

RockTape is a revolutionary new type of therapeutic performance kinesiology tape designed to improve movement, reduce pain and inflammation and enhance performance. RockTape was developed with the athlete and fitness enthusiast in mind but the application has been extended with the intent to improve rehabilitation outcomes across a variety of diverse populations. We are not simply taping muscle but, in fact, taping movement

Rocktape is a taping product designed to aid in the treatment and healing of various sports injuries, as well as improve physical performance. Common Problems that can be addressed using Rocktape Kinesiology Taping include issues such as Ankle Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis, Golfers Elbow, Shin Splints, Low Back Disorders, Rotator Cuff Problems, Plantar Fasciitis, Swollen Ankles, Tennis Elbow, Calf Strains, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, just to name a few.


How does RockTape work?

There are three primary mechanisms by which RockTape can reduce pain and inflammation, enhance joint function and improve movement quality:

The Mechanoreceptor Effect

The mechanoreceptor effect is based on the simple fact that by creating shear and tension on skin, you are impacting both the cutaneous layer and the fascial interface. The mechanoreceptors, responsive to skin shear, act as a point of access or bridge linking the skin to the brain. The theory: better motor in means better motor out. It provides us the opportunity to normalize muscle tension, retool movement and reboot faulty software.

The Decompression Effect

The decompression effect of tape and skin creates a “lifting effect” on the skin ~ fascial relationship and a congestion – free interface between the superficial and deep fascia enhancing fluid dynamics, reducing pain and improving “ fluidity “ of movement.

The Normalization Effect

The normalization effect postulates that the application of tape can essentially normalize muscle tension, facilitating muscle that is inhibited and inhibiting overactive tissue to improve contractile relationships or symmetry across all planes.

Who is RockTape for?

RockTape can be used by anyone at any age looking to improve pain free movement and mobility. RockTape can be self applied but certainly it is advantageous to have a RockTape Doc or trained clinician apply RockTape effectively.